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Old Bay Bags/Tubs

Fisher's Popcorn

You can call it a happy accident, but yeah we put OLD BAY® on our Fisher’s Caramel Popcorn.  It turns out, it’s the perfect blend of sweet and savory, with a little heat for good measure.  Try some today!

These are some of our exclusive OLD BAY® branded items.  They are perfect for anyone who loves OLD BAY®.  They come filled with our famous OLD BAY® Seasoned Caramel Popcorn, the perfect blend of sweet and savory flavors.

Want just a taste? We have single bags available through Amazon for only $7.99

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Old Bay Popcorn

Everyone that sampled this popcorn loved it. I purchased 6 tubs 14days ago and have only 1 tub left


One of the best tasting popcorn. My son and wife brought me a bag. Once I finished it. I placed an order that same evening for 12 bags. Yummy Yummy!

Fisher's Caramel Old Bay Popcorn

I bought this for my wife who loves anything Old Bay, and loves popcorn!! She loved it, but her one complaint, not enough Old Bay seasoning! So that would be our only issue, and that is add some more Old Bay and it would be perfection!! Otherwise, this was a big win!! Thank you!! Also, the customer service at the Fisher Popcorn company was wonderful. We had an issue with the wrong order sent, they corrected without question!! Great company!!

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Carmel popcorn

Was very flavorful, but had hard small seeds in the popcorn, concerned with chipping a tooth! As we got to the bottom of the bucket there were clumps of popcorn. It was a huge bucket bigger then expected!

More please, sir.

Never enough

Excellent customer service.

My nephews love when the fishers popcorn packages arrive.
I inadvertently used my billing address as the shipping address and thought the boys would not get their surprise.
When I called the customer service rep when above and beyond and actually located my package that was already on the truck to be shipped and corrected my error. Thank you so much.
Pictured below is one of the boys protecting his treasure at s as ll costs.

They saw it — went for it — opened and ate!


Popcorn & Movie

My nieces loved this surprise birthday gift for. They settled in for a snowy afternoon of movies and popcorn. Fun for all.