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Verina H. (Atlanta, US)
The best popcorn I’ve ever had

I am addicted to this popcorn. I purchased this popcorn while traveling at the Baltimore Washington airport, I purchased a few bags to bring home to Georgia. I just signed up for your subscription because they do not sell it in GA. I just asked my local gas station to purchase some so other people in GA have an opportunity to taste it. Plus, when my subscription runs out in between the next shipment, I’ll have a place where I can go buy some. This is the best popcorn I have ever tasted, it’s fresh and yummy. My favorite is the caramel flavor. I’m telling everybody I know about this popcorn, so they can start buying it. Please start selling to Georgia grocery stores. I live in Southwest Atlanta

2 Gallon OLD BAY® Tin
Michelle H. (Philadelphia, US)
Mom LOVES this popcorn 🍿

Mom LOVES this popcorn 🍿 my only complaint is that the tin should have been packed tighter. It has 2 dings on the lid.

2 Gallon OLD BAY® Tin
MMFDC (Annapolis, US)

Delicious product, always fresh, inventive flavors (love the Old Bay), cute gift tins, and GREAT customer service. Really enjoy the entire experience and prefer the Fenwick location. Ample parking too

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Mark P. (Cincinnati, US)
Best Popcorn Ever!

We absolutely love Fisher's Popcorn! It's the best caramel popcorn we've ever had. We received our first tub as a Christmas gift. It was gone before the New Year! Then we order a 3.5 gal tub and now it's gone. Wish we had more...

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Victoria J. (Exton, US)
The Best Gift for the Holidays!

I ordered a case of medium tubs to give as holiday co-worker gifts and they were a huge hit! Kudos to Fishers for super fast shipping. Everything arrived in perfect condition just a few days after ordering and the popcorn was delicious as always! I will definitely do this again for holiday gifts! Thank you Fishers for a great experience. Could not have been better.

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mary m. (Baltimore, US)
Best ever!

The old bay caramel is the PERFECT blend of salty and sweet. Simply the best

Popcorn Gift Subscription (3 Month)
Maria W. (Brooklyn, US)
3 month subscription

My husband absolutely loves Fisher’s popcorn and not living close, the 3 month subscription seemed like a perfect gift for someone who needs nothing. Popcorn arrived on time and was fresh and enjoyable (even though I accidentally ordered Carmel corn and not chocolate caramel)-truly his favorite gift. Yesterday he asked when his next would be here. This says it all!

3.5 Gallon Holiday Tins
Susan B. (Lancaster, US)
I wish I had a taste

I sent a big can to family we were to visit at Christmas but ended up with Covid, so no visit and no popcorn. I’m told it was great! Lucky them!!

Plastic Tubs
Deborah T. (Pompano Beach, US)

The owner of Somerset Jewelry enjoying your delicious popcorn. So nice to be able to have a taste of home here in Florida.

3.5 Gallon Beach Tins
Linda D. (Salisbury, US)

I wanted to keep it local so I ordered Fishers. It came quickly and tastes great. Had one sent to Florida for a gift & they love it. It'll be Fisher's from now on.

Holiday Tubs
Katie A. (Alexandria, US)
Best Family gift from Santa!

Such a special treat for the big day! Everyone enjoyed the 3 flavor combo.

Tubs By The Case
Vicki K. (York, US)
FIVE gold stars for 2021

Great Customer Service
Great Team
And the BEST Carmal popcorn EVER!

Love your spirit!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year too!

Holiday Tubs
Diana S.
What’s this? NOT Caramel Popcorn

We were thrilled when we received the box.
We anticipated the familiar caramel popcorn, but wait! Whoa! NOT caramel inside! Buttered popcorn is okay…. But not what was indicated. Disappointed.

Holiday Tubs
Matt R. (Closter, US)
Yummy as always

Popcorn is awesome. I definitely underestimated how big the tub was, but it's decorated perfectly as a holiday treat. Won me lots of brownie points with the inlaws.

2 Gallon OLD BAY® Tin
Matt L. (Tenafly, US)

SO tasty. The ratio of Old Bay to caramel, salty to sweet, is perfect. Eating it and looking at the awesome tin brings back great memories of Maryland and Chesapeake Bay. The best!!

Plastic Tubs
Craig L. (Charlotte, US)

Since moving to Hilton Head, SC we miss Fisher's Popcorn. We stopped at your Dewey Beach location to stock up on our vacation up north, then ordered more online. Yummy!

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Betty S.P. (Lakewood, US)
Absolutely the best

When I went online to order I was so impressed with the website. Not only from my phone but also on my computer. What a lovely couple in the ad. And I always know I’m getting the best popcorn when I order from Fishers Fenwick Island Delaware THANKS AND A SHOUT OUT TO ALL EMPLOYEES 😊

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Paul F. (Dumont, US)
Best Popcorn Around

Fantastic Popcorn. Never disappointed. The Old Bay, is my favorite.
Let’s not forget the Peanut Crunch.

Small Popcorn Bags
Roxanne D. (Charlotte, US)
Great Snack

I saw a family size of the Oldboy flavored popcorn and had to try it. I looked everywhere no one carries it so I ordered online. I love Oldbay seasoning if you like sweet with a little kick you will not be disappointed. Great snack treat.

Plastic Tubs
Dee D. (Arlington, US)
Love Fisher's Popcorn

Our family loves Fisher's Popcorn, even the corgies - but they have to wait in line! We get quick, free delivery with our orders. We've only ever had 1 little problem which Fisher's took care of immediately. It was so refreshing as I have not seen Customer Service in years. I didn't know it still existed!! So grateful for that as well as home delivery because when you want Popcorn and that delicious bucket gets delivered, YUMMY! Even the buckets, if not refilled always find a purpose at my home. If you have never tried Fisher's, go ahead and treat yourself!

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Mikela R. (Upper Marlboro, US)

when I was in Fenwick island last week, my family and I stopped over at this corner shop for popcorn, I was hesitant at first but then I opened up my small container of kettle corn and it so quick because it was DELICIOUS, perfectly even amount of salty and sweet and not many kernels at all! maybe one or 2 in the whole container. it is filled all the way to the top too! 2-3 day fast shipping, I am about to send some popcorn to a few family members!

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Kathleen C. (Seminole, US)
Brings me back to the beaches!!

I’ve been eating fishers popcorn for over 60 years! I moved away from Maryland 30 years ago and I’m in Florida now! I still order this is popcorn different times of the year! It does bring me back to the beaches I stayed at every summer! This time I also ordered the pumpkin flavored popcorn. OMG!! It is so absolutely delicious! I can’t wait to order more! I hope you have it up until the end of November!

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Tessa S. (Hamden, US)
THE Best!!

I couldn’t get to the shore this summer yet and may not be able to so I brought it to me. So good that I ordered the 2 1/2 gallon. Friends and family love it so much that it went so fast. Going to have to hide some this time around. As good as always! Love, Tess in CT

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Tom H. (Waldorf, US)
Mail Popcorn

Mailing problem. Left DE to PA to MD to DC to So MD to PA to MD to DC to So MD to my home. Traveled all over the place. Left a lot of popcorn crumbs in the bottom of the container. Not happy.

Plastic Tubs
Karen P. (Naples, US)
Best as it has ever been and I've been consuming Fishers (sticky) popcorn for pushing 70 years!!

Sent to my children to enjoy with their children. I was raised on this popcorn. Pop pop and Mom mom took us there every summer when we spent time with them in OC. It's the best!!!!!

Pic is one of my sons and one of his sons.