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Best popcorn and customer service ever!

Not only is the popcorn the best I've ever eaten. The customer service is fantastic. They notify you that they received the order, processed the order, shipped out the order and when it would be and was delivered. Unreal No other company that I have ordered from has ever been that efficient. I wish they sold other things, lol

Best popcorn!

We enjoy Fisher's when we are in OCMD, but I just shipped some to our daughter at camp and she loved it! I ordered it and it was shipped immediately, she got it 2 days later. Recommend for those that want to ship a taste of the shore to someone :)

Pure awesomeness

We can’t go to the beach without getting some to take home for us and friends. Our last order was 22 tubs to go. Everyone from ages 4-80 (in our family) loves it!!

Great Customer Service & Products

Customer service was awesome! I messed my own order up but they quickly worked with me to correct it. The corn was great as usual and the peanut brittle was actually the best I've ever had, I liked that the peanuts were in smaller sizes. I'm a huge fan of Old Bay, so I had to try the Carmel Popcorn Old Bay and I was not disappointed and will definitely order it again. All Great products.

we all enjoy the caramel popcorn


Fisher's Popcorn is my favorite!!! I don't buy popcorn anywhere else and online ordering is quick and very easy.

Best popcorn ever

I got hooked on Fisher's popcorn in October. I just have to have it but I live hours away. Well.... I have so many empty tubs in my storage room .....but I hate to be without it for too long !

Awesome Carmel popcorn

Brings back memories

Holiday Tubs

Holiday Tubs

Very Quick

Always enjoyed Fishers when I went to Ocean City. Quick service during the Holidays.

Holiday Tubs
The Best Every TIme

Fisher's is the best caramel popcorn around. Of course, that may have been because I was at the beach when I was eating it!! But now, I can order it and even buy it in grocery stores that are near my house. It's not the same as being at the beach, but the popcorn's just as good. You'll LOVE it.

Holiday Tubs

My entire family has grown up eating and loving Fisher's Popcorn! Most of us prefer the caramel and for good readon (best in the world!) but my 8 year old who won't eat much of anything loves the regular Popcorn they sell. It's all great but the caramel is SO good it's hard to stop grabbing one more handful!

1/2 Gallon Holiday Tins

Fishers popcorn has been part of my summertime, since i was very young. I love that it can be shipped now. My family is going to enjoy there Christmas presents. My husband wishes you would ship the orignal cheddar. He swears it tastes different. Very pleased with shipping.

Holiday Tubs

The popcorn is always good and my friends greatly appreciate getting them for Christmas

Great Caramel Corn

Best caramel corn anywhere!


Thank you so very much for getting some fresh caramel popcorn out as a surprise. It was enjoyed to the last pop and I reminded my friend to save the tub and get a $ off as we, the locals know is true. Thanks so much!

Best popcorn ever

We love Fishers popcorn


Disappointing! I purchased the 3.5 container as part of a gift for some special people. What I received was not nearly as good as my previous purchase.

Plastic Tubs

Mail service

Once again mailing service worked like a charm.

fast delivery!!

2 Gallon Tins

Great BDay present

I sent this as a birthday gift for a 91 y o friend. She called right away to say how much she loved it and couldn’t wait to share with her lady friends.

3.5 Gallon Holiday Tins
Love the PopCorn - Great Gift

We bought it for the nurses that took care of my wife during her chemo treatment! They all loved it!

Fell in love after 1st bite

I absolutely love it!!