Way Back in 1937...

Everett Fisher went into business with his wife's cousin, Edmund Pusey. They opened Pixton's Popcorn on the Boardwalk at Talbot Street, named after Edmund's wife's maiden name. Everett was in charge of operating the popcorn stand from day to day. After some time, Edmund Pusey decided to leave the business, and Everett Fisher continued on making his delicious caramel popcorn under his own name, using his secret recipe. From the beginning, his son, Donald Fisher worked with him side by side, and even handled the operation of the stand while his dad was drafted into military service during WWII.

In the 1950's...

Donald Fisher and his wife Calvina (above center) started their family and had 3 children, Cindy, Martha, and Don Jr (above right).  The Fisher family ran the single stand on the boardwalk in Ocean City together.  The store was always under the watchful eye of Donald, making sure every batch of popcorn was made just right.

In the 1980's...

Martha and her husband, Bill branched out and started their own store in Fenwick Island, DE at the corner of Route 54 and Coastal Hwy.  They have 4 children, all of which started working in the store at a young age.  Three of them continue in the business today.  Together the family runs their stores in Fenwick Island, Bethany Beach, and Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, independent from the original Ocean City location.


Fisher's Popcorn is a well known staple of the Delmarva Beaches.  Both the Ocean City, and the Delaware branches operate and thrive independently, maintaining the family's tradition of careful quality control and phenomenal popcorn.  We at the Delaware Fisher's Popcorn have continued to grow by selling our famous popcorn wholesale to specialty food and grocery stores around the region.  Our popcorn is now available for sale at over 2,000 stores nationwide, but it's all still made right in our stores at the beach.  You can find our popcorn in a store near you here.

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Sweet Crunchy Christmas

We ordered the 3.5 gallon bucket and the 4 oz pack of the caramel peanut crunch as a Christmas present for our son and daughter in law who live in New York City! They were so excited when it showed up at their door! So happy to get a little favorite snack from Ocean City/Rehoboth Beach! The delivery was fast too!

Family favorite!

My husband worked in the DC area for 15 years before retiring back to the Midwest in 2018. During the time out East we discovered Ocean City, and Fishers Popcorn quickly became our favorite. Our kids and grandkids love Ocean City as much as we do. Our 16-year-old granddaughter had Fisher’s Popcorn on her Christmas list, and of course Grandma obliged!!

Never Again

Extremely displeased! The popcorn was hard, stuck together and smashed. Will never order again.

Curran Popcorn Christmas

Popcorn arrived fresh and tasty. Everyone was very happy.

Always delicious

Been awhile since having fishers! Was hungry for it so I ordered fir us all over the holidays! I did order the 3 day shipping and was here to my house in 48 hours!