2 Gallon Holiday Tin

Our 2 gallon tins are a great size for family gifts and gifts to be shared among multiple people.  They can be ordered in our original caramel popcorn as well as our other great flavors.  They are also available divided into three flavors, Caramel, White Cheddar, and Butter Flavored.

Product Dimensions: 10"D 7.5"H

Customer Reviews

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Susan G. (Brookings, US)
Family favorite!

My husband worked in the DC area for 15 years before retiring back to the Midwest in 2018. During the time out East we discovered Ocean City, and Fishers Popcorn quickly became our favorite. Our kids and grandkids love Ocean City as much as we do. Our 16-year-old granddaughter had Fisher’s Popcorn on her Christmas list, and of course Grandma obliged!!

S.K. (Colorado Springs, US)
Oh just remembering Ocean City's Fishers Popcorn!

I once had a cute little 2nd home in Ocean Pines just outside of Ocean City Maryland.
In 2014 I relocated to Colorado Springs Colorado and I have been thinking about Fishers Popcorn because every time we went to the boardwalk, we'd always bring home Fishers Popcorn and it was amazing! We stood in line. During the summer there was always a long long line!! But so worth the wait! My 1st wife and two kids were so excited about it while we were waiting, that anticipation was very thick lol 😂! Once we got to the head of the line we were only going to get one gallon and we'd always end up getting at least one more! It's so delicious that it has me thinking about it all the way in Colorado Springs!! If you are wondering if you should buy some.. All I can say is that once you get your order, you will absolutely regret that you didn't get more than you did! Enjoy Fishers Popcorn and enjoy your life!!

Terri H. (Austin, US)

Reminded me of vacations at OC

Flo H. (Kent, US)
A taste of OC at Christmas

I sent a 2 lb tin of popcorn and bags of different flavors to my sister's family for Cristmas. A taste of summertime at christmas. Easy to order and shipment was super fast.

scott h. (Magnolia, US)
Awesomeness in a can!

Bought this 2 gallon container for my daughter that lives in clearwater Florida for X-mas, had it timed for the exact time we got down there to visit, Sorry to say but i binged on it!! She was madd but left a gallon for her! Absolutely a hit and a piece of home so far away! Thank you again!